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 Welcome back beauties!
How did you spent these holidays? I unfortunately didn't 'cause I got flu - #neverajoy all year, just to stay consistent.

Today we're back after this holiday season with a post in which I present a small but useful object that makes big promises.

 I'm talking about this glove / mat by Practk, a brand born from the experience and knowledge of the founders of the most famous Sigma brand, which you probably know primarily for their economic and highly renowned brushes.

Well, after launching a range of solutions for cleaning brushes and help us in the work of all of us beauty addicted, the same creative minds have decided to launch the Palmat: a new tool, different from anything you find on the market, which has as a strong point the affordable, if not cheap, price.

 Let's do a little comparison.
Among the various cleaning  products we find the Sigma Cleaning Glove, the Sigma Spa Express Cleaning Glove and Sigma Spa Cleaning Mat.

 We could almost say that this new Palmat is the fusion of the last two.

The focal point, the target, the promise that the Palmat makes is to be precisely PRACTICAL (Practk, not surprisingly would say), versatile, good quality but at the right price, one small tool that can remove all the bacteria that remain in the our brushes, which are responsible for acne, rashes and blemishes.

The design of this tool is special.
In the packaging it looks like a glove, with two locking systems type closures on both sides, which allow the Palmat to be worn and be tight to the hand like a glove.

 On the top side there's a silicone strip that has two functions: split the two sides of the Palmat and prevent the same from moving once worn.

This ensures the flap Palmat between your fingers : so very convenient and really comfortable.
At first I thought it would mess with me, but when worn is not
uncomfortable at all , you do not feel anything.

The whole Palmat is made of silicone, in a beautiful fuchsia orchid-colored flamboyant. The material is malleable yes, but also stiff enough to resist over time.

The sides of the Palmat have differences.
There are 3 texture: a large-grained one, with hemispheres  united to smaller little needles, that I see excellent for cleaning larger brushes (such as foundation brush, bronzer brush, blush brush ...);

 a second texture on both sides at the bottom, which is formed solely by the needles more close. This texture can be excellent for rinsing, when we already have to clean your brushes well but we have to drain the excess water;

Finally, a very special texture on the other side of the Palmat, which to me is great for eye brushes.
The texture is alternated between rectangular needles with rounded edges and thick enough dashes purposes, placed perpendicularly to the first ones. It 'a very curious texture, I had never seen before.

 I almost forgot to tell you the price of this Palmat: $ 9.95, then between 9 and  10€ or so.You can buy it on the official website following this Practk link↝Shop Palmat by Practk

After this introduction, I want to tell you briefly about my first impression of this product. 

As soon as I opened I was a little bit on my own for the size of Palmat: I thought it would have been a little larger.After trying it, however, I quickly realized why, and I must say I was amazed because I have pretty big hands, and the Palmat fits perfectly.  I saw a lot of girls with smaller hands of my wearing this product and not slipping away, so credit to Practk for making a tool smart enough to fit everyone!They did really well with this locking system with 3 sizes! It 'also pretty sure, unless you're really trying to take it of, the Palmat does not move.

It requires a little bit of effort to tie it, perhaps because of it, but for me it is a problem that is easily solved by trying it the first time, closing it at the right size, and then wearing it like a glove.In the afternoon, I immediately wanted to test it, washing all the brushes I own (about 150, I know ...), eyes and face, using the Palmat both as glove and as a mat to rest in the sink.In fact, thanks to the 3 suction cups to the back the Palmat can be opened and attached to the sink. Convenient, right?

 In theory.The problem that I had it's this: the suction cups would not hold the Palmat quite well, which kept slipping off and moing , making everything much more difficult.I tried to dry my sink better, but the result was the same: the suction cups loosened his grip after a bit of water.
 Now, I do not know if the problem could also be the fact that my sink is curved, but in Italy I believe that many have this kind of health care. The industrial sinks that are really popular in America are still very rare here; in short, I suspect that on a perfectly smooth straightsurface the suction cups make more grip.Unfortunately I only own one sink, so I can not test elsewhere to get this doubt solved.Leaving aside this point,  the glove works fine and I really noticed a change in my brushes.I know it sounds crazy, but you have to try it to believe it.
But first I want to tell you how I clean my brushes.
 I take a bar of soap with Argan oil, I spread the wet brush over the soap a few times, and then I clean the brush on the mat.After cleaning, I open water and under running water I do the last wash and finally drainage on finer texture, the one that says  "REFINE".I Squeeze a little bit at the end of the brushes, if there is excess water.

The change I saw is right here, in the amount of water left in the brush.Using the REFINE texture after washing the residue is minimal, thusbrushes are cleaner and especially they dry more quickly.The bristles seem softer than usual and the brushes were all completely dry in one night. 
Normally the week before  the same method but without the Palmat had left me more voluminous brushes and they were still wet and humid.I found the Palmat also convenient for the fact that I do not use my hand to clean brushes, thus not humid hands or soggy skin  after a good half hour under water!

 For these aspects I quite appreciate it, and no doubt I will continue to use it in my wash brushes routine.I regret not being able to use it at best as a mat, since it looked really an alternative and convenient way to clean brushes.
But then again, maybe the problem is just mine. I do not have the certainty, unfortunately, I have not read other bloggers who have had this problem.And we all know how
difficult it has become  now to read honest and comprehensive reviews on the web!I for conscience share everything, the good and the bad, mainly becauseas a consumer what I look for in a review is just that: the honesty to admit when a product works or not , even if you have received for free.

At this point I remind Practk media, where you can find them and ask any questions you want.

 Practk on Instagram - Practk on Facebook - Practk on Twitter - Practk on Youtube 
I hope to be helpful with this first impressions post !I plan to update and -I hope- confirm these first impressions in a future review, where I want to show you my cleaning brushes routine thoroughly.So STAY TUNED!

Thank you again Practk for giving me this amazing opportunity! I really appreciate it.

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