Lash Factory 300X 3D Fiber Mascara - Review

If you have pretty horrible lashes like me, that do not have the slightest effect even with 10 coats of super black mascara , perhaps you might be interested this product.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to receive and test this super volumizing mascara kit from Lash Factory.
  The duo I tested consists precisely of two products: a trasplanting 12 ml gel and a mascara made of green tea fibera which contains 3g.

I need to point out one thing: technically this is not a mascara and it does not replace it. In fact this is a kit to use in combination with your classic mascara, even one that perhaps you hate and you hate.
What is it? What does it promise?

The duo has a volumizing function up to 300 times: it should lengthen and make the lashes look fuller. 
These are the promises, in addition to being waterproof and easy to remove: with hot water only.
Is it true?

Meanwhile, here I show the two products with the respective wands.

The one below is the brush of Transplanting Gel 12ml.  The gel should be applied as early as your mascara DRIES.
As you can see it is a classic brush, it does not have anything in particular; and that's great because it otherwise would alter the effect of your mascara.
The gel is black, so great if you love classics black mascara; a little less if you love them in other colors.

The formula is fairly liquid, and not overly pigmented; the fibers must be applied when the gel is still WET, and this I think is the reason why the formula is so liquid.

This however is the brush of green tea  fibers.

I do not know if we can call it a brush, or  just applicator.
When you pull it out of the tube it is completely covered with fibers, which fortunately do not migrate and absolutely do not spread around.
Applying them on the eyes but it is not exactly easy, given the cylindrical shape of the applicator.
You have to work a little the fibers to make them adhere well on the eyelashes, but if you have patience, the result is in my opinion very good.

A little tip: do not apply the fibers as you classic mascara; you risk a bit of fallout, that if enters into the eye can give you a little discomfort.
I have found more efficicace applying before on the top; Then I also go under, like with my regular mascara.

I had less problems and also the effect was better; It also lasted a little more because the fibers can stick more easily at the top.

I'm finding good overall with the kit; I find that it helps me a lot in the days when maybe I do not want to apply false eyelashes without losing too much time. 
The only negatives aspects that I can find in the product are:
That you have to take caution to the basic mascara you choose.
 A very dry and volumizing mascsara, or at least to trend lumps, making it much more difficult application of the gel, since it is difficult to cover well every lash to adhere the fibers. 
Using a more liquid  and less dry  mascara definitely solves the problem, although maybe the basic effect of the mascara is not exactly spectacular. There are the fibers to fix everything!

 - The second point is what I told you before, that the possibility of fallout in the eye if not applied carefully.
 It is not too much bother, indeed passes after very little since the fibers are 100% natural, but it is not a great feeling.
 It definitely takes a bit of calm and technique. 
Above all, you have to work one eye at a time, otherwise the gel dries and does not stick to the fibers. 

Turning to the effect and duration: 10 hours without any problem, although I have found a little bit of fallout. Frankly on me after 10 hours almost every mascara fades or even worse crumble, so for me it is not a problem; I always carry a brush in my bag, to eliminate the excess and be in place.
 But I know not everyone takes brushes in their purse.

Turning to removal: it is true that the fibers come off with warm water, but of course if you have applied the mascara under, water is not enough.
 So in my opinion you need a  make-up remover, biphasic, cleanser, washcloth or whatever you use to remove make-up. Unless you want to go to sleep with mascara on .... 
Now briefly the steps and instructions, although I think are quite clear. 
1. Apply one coat of your favorite mascara. 
2. Once the mascara has dried, apply the Transplanting Gel (long tube). 
3. Before the gel dries apply the fibers (short tube) .
 4. Reapply the gel to fix the fibers. 
5. Repeat steps if you want even more volume and length.

 The cost of the kit is just under € 18 (€ 17.97) and can be found at this link on Amazon. 
In my opinion it is a good product, although for me it is a NI, meaning they do not know what actually continue to use it. There are days that are just as FAKE LASHES and nothing else. But surely to exit quickly, without having the problem of false eyelashes or too much makeup, it's a great time-saving.You have tried similar products? What do you think of the fibers? Continue to prefer mascara and false eyelashes?

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