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We remain regarding eyelashes, speaking of false eyelashes!  
Last post was about a mascara kit with fiber, if you missed it just click here-> Lash Factory 300X 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara.
I've never been a big fan of false eyelashes, I admit. But having clear and shitty eyelashes, pointing downwards, I am never happy with the makeup that I make, especially if I do not use the eyelash curler. I tried for a long time an economic and natural set of false eyelashes, I really wandered for each site .. Tempted by Aliexpress, Ebay and Amazon,I have always been about to buy, but then I found some reason to stop me .. until early August .

I found this set of 10 pairs of false eyelashes, very natural and wearable look, nothing BOOM, IN YOUR FACE, branded ILuLu. 

The price is ridiculously cheap, 10€ for 10 pairs, then just 1 € per pair. 
On the other hand the quality deserves more! 
 The pairs are all different, although there are a few common styles -obviously, it is a natural set. Each, as you see, is individually wrapped, but does not come with glue, despite it seems there is space on the back. 
Unfortunately, the various styles do not have names, so I must confine myself to show them individually. Before you see some application I want to list the features that I liked and that I stand this set from all other economic market.

*for pictures please see the original post*

First of all, the band is transparent for most of the pairs. Therefore there is no need for eyeliner or tight lining, the lashes blend perfectly with your.

You see? >There is no separation between the natural lashes and the fake.

The bands are the right length, at last! Normally super cheap fake eyelashes have huge bands that don't go on my eyes -and I also think of many other girls-;

 I'm regularly forced, therefore, to cut the outer corners losing almost entirely the effect. These bands however are almost all of the perfect length for my eye, which is fantastic.

In addition to the length and the transparency, the bands are also very soft and easily malleable. Not hard and shapeless as often happens. It's been easy to apply these false eyelashes and shape them according to the shape of my eye. Form that kept  great until late evening.

Another merit is that almost all are made with a magnificent shade of your lashes near the inner corner of the eye. There are no unsightly long lashes, which blatantly slam with the natural lashes, which are normally not so long near the tearducts.

Now no more talk.

 I'll show you my favorite models. Forgive me if there are not all, unfortunately I lost the pictures taken in each pair and some I cut to apply with a new method, so they were unpresentable ...Forgive me even if you do not see pictures of all the models worn with a nice makeup eyes, but I felt that for some models were better to leave the clean eyelid to see better the style and performance. Also, having just lost almost all of the original photo, I redid these photos in a hurry, forgetting to bend the lashes. So if you see a slight gap is for this reason. Normally I bend them before applying false eyelashes, and the difference between natural and false is less than zero.

  On the back of each package  there are instructions to apply them to best : it is recommended to first remove the excess glue that allows the lashes to stay on the white part, then apply glue to lash on the back of the hand,  gently dip the lashes into the glue or apply it with a cotton bud or similar, eliminating the excesses ; and finally apply the eye lashes. I would add that after applying the adhesive in a subtle way, without exaggeration, it is good to blow the same for about 30 seconds, so that it starts to dry and is sticky enough. 
Then the application will be simpler.

 Regarding the removal of the eyelashes, on the main box is recommended to soften the glue before placing a cotton pad on the eye soaked in makeup remover; then take the lashes from the outer corner and gently pull away. 
Of course everything depends on the glue you used. I personally have not had any problems to remove everything, without even pulling with my beloved Cottonplus argan. They have also helped to clean up the  mascara that I had applied. 
The eyelashes are reusable; have a maximum duration yes, but if you do not apply mascara on them, for example, they last about 10 applications before they begin to lose shape. 
 After every application I have cleaned the band by the glue with a makeup remover. 
Using mascara obviously the reuse power gets lostd : if you clean them after each use retain their look up to 5 uses; then they begin to have problems. 

So everything is up to you!I personally do not always use mascara on the eyelashes, especially because they are very black and effective ; mascara is unnecessary in my opinion. However, it is a matter of taste.

 What else to say?The quality has really surprised me. I did not expect so beautiful and well-made eyelashes ,well worked and portable. I used them really often, even at home, because they're very light, natural and very comfortable.
 It also made for a long day in college and I only say that  from 5 am until 21 rm, when I cleansed my face, I did not remember I had them on. Could it be otherwise?
 Basically  I have already recommended them to many friends who wanted to try something special for a special occasion. 
I'm sure you will enjoy them !!The link to find these is this: ILuLu Lashes - The seller is super reliable and friendly, quick responses and service. Also the shipment was quite fast, about 2 weeks.

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