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You can not imagine my happiness this morning as soon as I heard the courier and I realized that the package came from none other than SBC!

Before you see what I have received I want to say something abot the company, which offers its products on the market from 26 years! Since 1990 in fact the SBC products are on the market, in beauty salons and in the most famous spa.The gel and the brand's products are sold on QVC Italy, channel 32 or

This English company manufactures different types of products designed for skin care, cleaning agents, scrub butters and moisturizers for face and body, as well as serums and specific treatments.

One of its strong points is the fact that, thanks to the natural ingredients and the variety of products, all skin types can find the right product!There are products designed for dry, oily, sensitive, stressed, acne-prone skin ... in short, a great variety.Do not forget: the products are all sold at affordable rates. Besides, very often on QVC Italy there are promotions, offers, and even minisize or travel assorted size: so you can try different products spending a very little price.

Among the most successful of SBC lines is certainly the Collagen line: the hero of the brand, helps hydrate, replenish and reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles.So great for dry skin, stressed and obviously mature.As I said, the products of this line have been rewarded several times for their effectiveness, especially on the QVC channel that the brand uses to sell.

The Collagen line consists of nine products so far, plus one in the near future output:a skincare gel, cleanser 3 in 1, a serum eye cream, day cream and a night, a cloth, a shower cream, body butter, hand soap and lotion for hands and body.

I will try the Collagen Cleanser 3 in 1, moisturizing and nourishing: it promises to remove all traces of makeup, impurities and oils; remove makeup eyes kindly and gently exfoliate to have a more radiant, smooth and soft skin.It issuitable for all skin types but especially recommended for dull, mature and dry.It is the winner of the Best Detergent on QVC Italy. 

250ml x 30$ on the official website, available in several formats.

Another highly successful line is the Aloe Vera. Who does not know the benefits of this plant?

 The line consists of five products: skincare gel, a shower gel, an after-sun lotion, a body butter and the aloe spritz.

I'll try just this: a moisturizing and soothing spray, by the action refreshing, perfect after sun exposure.Perfect for all skin types.It can also be used on makeup or as a thermal water throughout the day to refresh the skin. 

250ml or 100ml x 24$/   11$ on the official website.I can not wait to use them and let you know how I get on !! 
Of course this was just a post presentation to be followed by the most accurate reviews.

 Have you ever tried the products of this brand?Are you intrigued?Let me know in a comment!

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